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How Does the Ring End?

Has anyone seen the Ring end this way? VASSALS AND WOMEN TOGETHER:  Wotan! Wotan! Ruling god! Wotan, bless the pyre! Burn hero and bride, Burn the faithful steed: So that free of wounds and pure, All-father’s free companions, Valhalla can greet them United in eternal bliss!

The Met’s Ring Cycle: The Last Shoe Drops

The final installment in new Met Ring Cycle was musically impressive but oddly not very gripping.  There was much to admire but little to melt from.

NY Wagner Society Seminar February 5

The Wagner Society of New York is holding its renowned annual seminar on Sunday afternoon February 5.  Wagnerians come from all over to this event every year, where they mingle with fellow enthusiasts, learn really good stuff from some of the world’s experts, pick up cool books, DVDs and CDs, and meet some of their favorite singers, […]