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Beautiful 1913 Wagner BioPic Released on DVD

In 2006 I viewed a full-length silent film by German filmmaker Carl Frölich titled The Life and Works of Richard Wagner.  It featured an astounding performance by actor/composer Giuseppe Becce.  Now, praise the heavens, a version of the film has been released and is available for purchase on DVD. The film had previously been shown at […]

Oxymoron of the Month: Cogent Rienzi Production

Before her appointment to co-direct the Bayreuth Festival, Katharina Wagner was quoted as speculating that her great-grandfather’s juvenalia, Rienzi, might claim a place in the repertory of the house.  Soon after her appointment, her production of Rienzi in Bremen was greeted with skepticism and dismissal.  Yet a recent production of the work directed in Berlin […]

Wagner and “Mickey-Mousing”

Jeongwon Joe and Sander L. Gilman have edited a 475-page tome on Wagner & Cinema, a bushel-basket of essays by a host of contributors on topics so wide-ranging that there’s guaranteed to be something to stimulate (and to something to bore) you. There’s stuff on Fritz Lang but also on Mildred Pierce.  Discussions of Nazism […]