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New Translation of Artwork of the Future

A special issue of The Wagner Journal comprises, in its entirety, Emma Warner’s new translation of Wagner’s essay “The Artwork of the Future.”  It is eye-opening, even riveting, and as important a piece of writing on topics Wagnerian as I have read since Magee’s Tristan Chord. My own past efforts at reading Wagner’s prose have […]

“Hee for God onely, shee for God in him”

One of the several Wagnerian whimsies that I have collected on my bookshelf is a 1931 translation by Hannah Waller of a 1912 book by Julius Kapp originally titled Richard Wagner Und Die Frauen: Eine Erotische Biographie (tempered in the American translation to The Women in Wagner’s Life).  It’s one of those confident admixtures of myth, devotion, scholarship and popular literature that […]

Cosima Biography

Considering that Francesca Gaetana Cosima Liszt Bülow Wagner was the person most responsible for framing the role of Wagner in 20th Century German cultural and political life, it is remarkable that Cosima Wagner: The Lady of Bayreuth, by Oliver Hilmes, is the first serious academic study of her life.  On that ground alone the volume […]

Millington’s “Sorcerer of Bayreuth”

A few weeks ago we in America celebrated Thanksgiving. Members of the family took turns around the table, saying what they were thankful for.  I bit my tongue to avoid blurting out, “Barry Millington!” Ever since the 80s, when Millington and Spencer were editing the scholarly magazine for the Wagner Society (London), I have been […]