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Martin Geck’s Welcome Book

A good friend met my brother a few years ago when visiting the University of Texas at Austin, where my brother was teaching.  My friend reported that, after a bit of conversation, he observed that both my brother and I were “erudite.”  “Yes,” my brother reportedly replied, “but I am more eruditer.” This takes us […]

“Richard Wagner: The Lighter Side”

I was interested in Terry Quinn’s book, Richard Wagner: The Lighter Side because of its title.  It was intriguing to think that a biography or study might be assembled using Wagner’s humane, even funny, personality – his quirkiness, his climbing trees or standing on his head, his affection for his dogs and his devotion to […]

Recent Publications of the Wagner Society of Washington, DC

The Wagner Society of Washington, DC, not content to offer first-class symposia, block tickets to performances, and convivial social gatherings, also contributes to scholarship by publishing books on various topics of interest to Wagnerians.  Several years ago I bought and enjoyed J.K. Holman’s Wagner Moments: A Celebration of Favorite Wagner Experiences not knowing that the […]

New Translation of Artwork of the Future

A special issue of The Wagner Journal comprises, in its entirety, Emma Warner’s new translation of Wagner’s essay “The Artwork of the Future.”  It is eye-opening, even riveting, and as important a piece of writing on topics Wagnerian as I have read since Magee’s Tristan Chord. My own past efforts at reading Wagner’s prose have […]