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N.A. WagSocs to Bayreuth: Sprich es ist nicht so!

Led by Nathalie Wagner, long-time President of the Wagner Society of New York, a group of 14 Wagner Societies from North America have sent an impressively coordinated letter to the Administrative Board of the Festival asking it to reconsider its recently announced change of policy regarding allottting tickets. The letter (which appears in full below) is […]

Bayreuth Festspiele to Wagner Society: “Leine Ziehen!”

New Yorkers of a certain age remember a front page headline of the New York Daily News when the federal government refused to “bail out” New York City, which was on the brink of default: “FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD!”  Well, that’s sort of what has happened with the Bayreuth Festival and the loyal Wagner […]

Wagner’s Meistersinger (Katharina Wagner, That Is…)

In the supplemental material to the Opus Arte DVD of Katharina Wagner’s recent Bayreuth production of Die Meistersinger, she relates:  When my father asked if I were interested in directing it here, I asked myself as I would with any work anywhere: “Does it have a story I’m interested in telling?” It would appear that […]

Challenge to Bayreuth Ticket Policies

The Economist reports that the German government is challenging the priority of ticket allocations by the Bayreuth Festival.  In a brief electronically posted note, the magazine notes that fewer than half of the Festival’s tickets are made available to the public.  The large majority are allocated to corporate sponsors, Friends of Bayreuth, labor unions and other […]