Monthly Archives: June 2013

Barenboim: Wagner and Us

I have a special relationship to Daniel Barenboim’s music-making.  It was Barenboim’s ka-jillion-LP set from which I learned the Beethoven piano sonatas in 1972 or so.  It was Barenboim who conducted Tristan in my first visit to Bayreuth in 1981.  It was Barenboim who was at the podium for the Harry Kupfer Ring, and who continued […]

The Met Historic Collection

Halfway through the collection of “Legendary Performances” released by the Met this year, several surprises came to the fore. One was how poor the chorus at the Met was in the 1940s and 1950s.  It was as if they dragged folks in from the street to have a go at the Pilgrim’s Chorus.  Apparently the […]

New Magic Flute Film

My first exposure to Mozart’s delightful singspiel, Die Zauberflöte, was in 1976 when I saw the TV film by Ingmar Bergman.  I was young in my Mozart appreciation development, and learned an enormous amount by Bergman’s treatment of the overture.  He did it as a 7-minute long segment in which the face of a young girl […]