Monthly Archives: June 2011

San Francisco Ring Part I

The audience went nuts at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House on Wednesday night (June 29, 2011) when Nina Stemme came out for her bows after a triumph as the Walküre Brünnhilde.  She has chosen San Francisco to make her Ring Cycle role debut, and is in good company: Birgit Nilsson made her U.S. […]

The 1848 Drafts of the Ring

Edward R. Haymes of Cleveland State University has newly translated two Wagner prose works from 1848: the narrative of The Nibelung Myth and Siegfried’s Tod.  These clear and straightforward translations are accompanied by a scholarly explanation of both the context of the two works and the various sources that Wagner relied upon while writing the Niebelungen story […]

Challenge to Bayreuth Ticket Policies

The Economist reports that the German government is challenging the priority of ticket allocations by the Bayreuth Festival.  In a brief electronically posted note, the magazine notes that fewer than half of the Festival’s tickets are made available to the public.  The large majority are allocated to corporate sponsors, Friends of Bayreuth, labor unions and other […]

Walküre at the Metropolitan Opera

The second installment in the Metropolitan Opera’s new Ring Cycle is a theatrical triumph.  It places the exciting drama in a bold, imaginative theatrical space; evokes a profoundly romantic world depicted with contemporary flair; casts new and enlightening insights onto the familiar story; and provides an evening of music theatre that rivals any in the […]