Inquiry on Ulrich Roller

Inquiry from a Subscriber

A subscriber writes:

I am seeking biographical information (and photographs) of Ulrich Roller, son of well-known painter and stage designer Alfred Roller, who was also associated with the Wagners and, later in 1938, the Vienna State Opera. He died on the eastern front on December 12, 1941.
I appreciate any assistance in this matter which you may be able to provide.
With thanks,
D.K.R. Boyd
61H Prince William Street
St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada
E3L 1S5

The Devotion of Isolde Wagner (“née von Bulow”)

An article appearing in the current issue of Wagner Journal addresses a subject about which I had been completely uninformed.  The lead sentence: Richard Wagner’s eldest daughter, Isolde, had the idea of celebrating his 67th birthday on 22 May 1880 by wrapping the pots of gift rosebushes with paintings representing each year of his life. […]

Parsifal and Wagner’s Theology

After just an unconscionably long time, I have finally got to page 319 of Richard H. Bell’s fine study, Wagner’s Parsifal: An Appreciation in the Light of His Theological Journey.  I am very grateful to Mr. Bell for his discipline and erudition, and for shedding light on both the splendid final work of this master […]

Meistersinger at the Met

In December I had the chance to attend two performances and a dress rehearsal of the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Die Meistersinger, and felt (as I so often do) mystified to be blessed so plentifully.  The last time I had attended Meistersinger was March 2007, when I saw this production.  I had watched some DVD […]